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Nov. 23rd, 2009

dj_cub: (Default)
It's time for a little Thanksgiving!
This Tuesday, November 24, SUGAR is proud to give our guests something back, in thanks for all their support.

Beginning at 9:00 pm, we're offering a night of ongoing FREE sneak previews of our newest feature-length burlesque show, CHERRY POP, a presentation of Bubble Bath Burlesque.

CHERRY POP is a simple little show with big-time seduction, produced by and staring Miss Coney Island Pinup Miss Kristen Lee and Veronica Vroom, the Hershey's Kiss of Burlesque. Cherry Pop is a classic striptease show with a little less concept and a lot more sexy! CHERRY POP makes its official debut January 26, so stay tuned for details.

In the meantime, stop on by The Delancey tomorrow starting at 8:00pm for booty-shakin' electro, breaks, sexy trance, trip-hop and synthpop from DJ Cub (Korova Milk Bar, QXT's) and Menace (Hells Kitchen), plus delicious electro go-go girls and $5 whisky/PBR specials all night long. We're also offering 2-for-1 well drinks from 10-11pm.

CHERRY POP previews will begin around 9pm.

The Delancey Bar & Nightclub
168 Delancey St.
(between Clinton & Attorney)

Visit www.​sugarny.​com for more info, links to performer profiles and photos from our previous shows.

The weekly SUGAR party is a joint production of FX7 ENTERTAINMENT and ALTERNATIVE PINUPS EVENTS.

Please repost and spread the word.
You are our scene!
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